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Why Clean Gutters?

Depending on where you live, there are lots of reasons on why you’d want to get your gutters cleaned.

If you live in a leafy area, the obvious thing is that leaves and debris fall on your roof, go into your gutters and can go down your downpipes, get blocked, block your storm water lines, prevent your water getting down to the street which can create some very expensive problems.

Then of course your gutters can overflow. Depending on the design of the house, if they overflow, they can overflow back into the building and create structural problems. So that is one source of a problem.

In dry environments, the gutters have dry leaves that become the catching point between the flying embers and your house in bush fires. It is quite commonly known that a lot of houses burn down simply because of the embers that fly from fires which might be a mile away or even more. So keeping your gutters cleaned, particularly in fire prone environments is very important.

Rust. The dirt and the dust settles in the bottom of your gutter causing your gutters to rust. Even with color bonded gutters, at the joins they will corrode. That is very important because the debris becomes very corrosive material. (Find out why we use a vacuum system to clean your gutters)

If you live in high traffic areas or high traffic roads, the material that settles on your roof will actually be acid rain and it will be very corrosive. Most roofs and gutters near major highways will only last for maybe a decade at the most. They will rust out.

For the environment, cleaning your gutters is a good idea. The material in your gutters is very nutrient rich and can be damaging to our creeks, rivers and waterways. Before we had storm water regulations, your downpipes just let the water onto the ground. But now they all go into storm water drains and the water goes through to the waterways and there is nothing you can do about this material getting to the waterways except for cleaning your gutters.

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