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How Do Gutters Protect Your Home?

You may not spend too much time thinking about it, but if you own a home, you are probably aware that you need gutters to collect water when it rains. You may not realize, however, how essential gutters are in protecting your home. Over time, water can accumulate and cause serious damage to your home. A gutter system is designed to […]

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The Ultimate Home Winterization Checklist

Although we’ve experienced an unusually warm start to fall, colder weather is just around the corner. Before the temperature drops and the days get shorter, take some time now to safeguard your home from the impending winter. Below is a checklist for winterizing your home. Weatherproof doors and windows On a windy day, examine your doors and […]

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Does My House Really Need Rain Gutters?

The short answer is, absolutely. Your house needs gutters to channel water away from the base, where it’s likely to collect and find its way inside the foundation. Placed on all sides of your home, gutters are positioned to extend just beyond the roofline to collect rainwater. They are attached to downspouts that carry water to […]

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