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Duluth Team

Meet the Duluth Team

Ryan F.

Co-owner and Sales

Ryan is the Co-owner of the Outback GutterVac Duluth location. As a Cumming, GA local he wanted to bring Outback GutterVac because of the systems the company has in place. In his free time, he loves being outdoors and going deer hunting.


Brett M.

Co-owner and Operations Manager

Brett is Co-owner of the Duluth location and chose to start with Outback GutterVac because of the state of the art Thunder Vac System. The technology allows the technicians to clean gutters efficiently and with no mess left behind. From the Conyers area, this outdoorsy guy loves camping.


Kari H.

Office Manager

Kari is another Cumming local who joined Outback GutterVac to help grow the business. In her spare time she enjoys watching college football.


Matthew D.

Lead Technician

Matthew loves the outdoors and his home in Atlanta provides him ready access for his favorite hobby, hiking. He brings his dogs along with him as they are great partners for tough terrain. His love of the outdoors is what drew him to this position.


Ryan S.


Ryan is also from Cumming and he also decided to work for Outback GutterVac because he enjoys working outside. He is unique in his pursuit of a creative hobby though, as he likes drawing.